Anyone who enjoys skiing in Colorado should consider buying Frisco CO real estate because of its lower cost compared to some of the surrounding towns and its prime location near both Copper Mountain and Breckenridge. Frisco is about 15 minutes away from both of these amazing ski resorts, and when you own Frisco CO real estate you won’t pay as much money as you would if you lived in either of those two towns, but you will be able to travel there easily whenever you want during your vacation time. Many professional skiers choose to buy Frisco CO real estate rather than spending more money on homes in Breckenridge, and you may be able to find a good deal on a home if you work with a realtor.

Ask a realtor for advice on the best deals for Frisco CO real estate

Frisco CO real estate deals are common but they go very quickly, so if you are a skier who is interested in owning a home in the town you should work with an experienced realtor for the best chance of finding a great deal. A realtor at Colorado Mountain Real Estate can help you pinpoint the lowest cost home that meets all of your specifications whether it is one of the available Frisco CO real estate options or real estate in a different town. Because of the fact that Frisco CO real estate is often not in higher demand than real estate in surrounding towns, you may be able to find a great deal and get the best of both worlds.

Four major ski resorts within close proximity

When you own Frisco CO real estate you have four of the best ski resorts in Colorado right in close proximity to you: Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, and Keystone. All of these ski resorts are under 30 minutes from Frisco CO real estate, with Breckenridge and Copper Mountain being the closest, while Arapahoe Basin is closer to 30 minutes away. Nonetheless, there is no other town that is as close to all of these ski resorts as Frisco, which is why many skiers purchase Frisco CO real estate and have the ability to choose which ski resort that they want to ski at any time during the skiing season.

Frisco CO has plenty of other stuff to do

Skiing isn’t the only popular activity in Frisco, and although the town has a beginner’s ski course as well as many kilometers of cross country skiing, there is also the Day Lodge, numerous restaurants, sleigh rides, and several recreation programs that are held each year. It is a very family friendly town and skiers can bring their whole family when they own Frisco CO real estate and enjoy the best of resort life when they have vacation time. Also, instead of leaving the property vacant, skiers can rent it out and receive a substantial side income which can help pay for the costs of owning the property and the mortgage, so there are plenty of benefits to owning Frisco CO real estate.