Selling your home in the Colorado real estate market can be stressful. With so many gorgeous real estate properties on the market, you need to find a realtor you trust and decide on an asking price, just as a starting point. Then there are all the little things to worry about when it comes time to actually showing your home in this wonderful mountain area. Here’s a list of a few items the Colorado Mountain Real Estate team believes you should keep in mind:

  • Outside the Home
    • Keep the lawn mowed

      Colorado Real Estate Colorado Real Estate: Getting Your Home Show Ready

    • Trim the trees, bushes, and shrubs
    • Wash the windows – both inside and out
    • Keep the walkways and driveway clear
    • Clean up the yard
    • Consider adding some new flowers
  • Living Areas
    • Remove clutter (newspapers, papers, etc.)
    • Vacuum or sweep the floors
    • Wipe down light fixtures
    • Clean furniture (if needed)
  • Kitchen
    • Clear off countertops
    • Remove items from the refrigerator
    • Remove clutter (newspapers, bills, magazines, etc.)
    • Clear sink
    • Clean all appliances – inside and out
    • Wash floor
  • Bathroom/s
    • Clear clutter off countertops
    • Organize closets, medicine cabinets, etc.
    • Clean shower, tub, toilet, and sink
  • All Areas
    • Make sure light bulbs are working
    • Dust/polish
    • Vacuum or sweep and scrub
    • Fix leaky faucets
    • Grease squeaky doors
    • Apply natural paint colors, if necessary
    • Depersonalize the home (take down pictures and knick knacks)

Less is more when selling Colorado real estate. You may need to hold a garage sale to get rid of some stuff, or perhaps you could rent a storage unit. The point is not to have clutter all over your home. Buyers want to know you have space for their items, so you want to keep your home open for them to envision their own items there.

Right before a prospective buyer arrives, you should also do the following – pick up after children or pets, open the curtains to let natural light in, open windows to let fresh air in, clean up any random clutter, and just do a quick general tidy up. Please contact us if you have any further questions. We would love to help you sell your Colorado real estate property in the gorgeous mountains of Summit County.