There are varying opinions out there on whether an open house helps you sell your home. Here we list out some of the the benefits and drawbacks to an open house in today's Colorado Mountain Real Estate market.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Real Estate Open Houses

  •  Benefits
    • You can have your home show ready. It’s stressful getting your house ready for prospective buyers each time someone shows interest. By having an open house, you can prepare your house once and get more sets of eyes on your property.
    • You can choose a time that works for you. Ask your realtor what day and time work best in your area.
    • You give interested buyers another chance to see the home. Sometimes people want to see your home more than once. By hosting an open house, you are allowing people to view your property in a more relaxed, no pressure environment.
    • Your property will sell faster. Let’s face it - the more sets of eyes that view your property, the quicker it will sell!
  • Drawbacks
    • Houses don’t always sell during/from an open house. You may go through the work of staging it, only to not have it sell right away.
    • While the chances are low, someone may steal items from your home. This is why it’s essential to have someone who is diligent helping with the showing. They can tell people all about the house, while also keeping an eye out for anything that seems out of sorts.
    • Others may use this time to simply browse your home. Some people may see the open house signs and stop in just to check it out. They may not even be in the buying market, but they want to take a look around.

Whether you and your realtor decide to have an open house is definitely worth discussing. If you do proceed with one, make some cookies for those in attendance. It can't hurt!

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