If you’ve thought about buying a first or even a second home in Breckenridge you may be making a great decision, and owning Breckenridge CO real estate can place you right in the middle of one of the best skiing recreation areas in the United States. Breckenridge is a great place to raise a family if you are able to run an online business, and many people have relocated to Breckenridge for that reason. There are also others who work in Breckenridge and who are able to live there throughout the year, although most of the Breckenridge CO real estate owners are second home owners who live elsewhere in Colorado or other states. No matter what, there are dozens of reasons why you would consider buying Breckenridge CO real estate, and below are some of the top reasons.

The best skiing in America

It’s been said many times before, but Breckenridge CO real estate is right in the heart of the best skiing in America. The town is located about 9,600 feet above sea level and most of the available Breckenridge CO real estate is located in close proximity to the world famous Breckenridge ski resort. The town is home to over 3,000 permanent residents but it swells up to over 36,000 during skiing season, and when you own Breckenridge CO real estate you can ski anytime that you want during the skiing season. If you aren’t able to make it during a particular week you can also rent your Breckenridge CO real estate and you are almost certain to have occupancy during the busiest times of year.

Hundreds of events throughout the year

Breckenridge CO real estate is in a prime location for the many events that are held throughout the year in the town. The town hosts festivities such as a 4th of July Celebration, the Ullr festival which celebrates the Norse god of snow, the Imperial Challenge triathalon, the Winter Dew Tour which features extreme sports competitions as well as skiing and snowboarding Olympic qualifiers, and many other events. There is almost always something going on in Breckenridge, especially during the busiest summer and winter seasons, so owners of Breckenridge CO real estate will always have something to do.

Breckenridge CO real estate lets you enjoy resort life and invest in a great resort town

If you decide to purchase Breckenridge CO real estate, you can enjoy the resort life that the town has to offer and you don’t have to live in the area. There are many condos and 1 bedroom units available for people who don’t plan on living in the town but want to travel there and stay indefinitely for vacation during the summer and winter. Condos are a common Breckenridge CO real estate purchase for that reason, and there are plenty of condos in the lower end of the price range spectrum as well as luxury two and three bedroom units. There are also larger luxury homes available as well for those with the budget, so no matter what you are looking for in Breckenridge in terms of real estate you can find it.