breck2Breckenridge, Colorado is a unique travel destination and one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world. The town is near the famous Breckenridge Ski Resort which is visited by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world every year. Both amateur and professional skiers visit the town, and many of them purchase Breckenridge real estate because of the savings that they can receive from not having to purchase rentals. There are hundreds of activities schedule in the town every year, and there are more activities during the winter and summer seasons. Although skiers have more to do, there are plenty of other regularly scheduled outdoor activities including white water rafting, hiking, holiday activities, and much more.

Golf, Hiking, Rock Climbing and more

Breckenridge real estate is close to several outdoor activities including golfing, rafting, hiking and guided trails, skateboarding trails, tennis, skiing, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, swimming, kayaking and more. Breckenridge is unique because there are literally dozens of activities in close proximity, so those who aren’t skiers or the family of skiers can enjoy other recreation. The wide range of activities makes Breckenridge the perfect family town, and many recreation and professional skiers keep their families there for an extended period of time, sometimes several weeks. Owning Breckenridge real estate makes sense for many of those who stay there for a long period of time, but those who don’t visit very often will usually rent a room or a home for a few days.

Everything in walking distance

Breckenridge real estate is within walking distance of much of the recreation in the area including the hiking trails, golf courses and the skiing resort. The Breckenridge real estate nearest to the ski resort are some of the more expensive in the area, but there are several areas where Breckenridge real estate is lower priced. Single bedroom condos are some of the more affordable homes that can be purchased, and these homes can be good for one or two people, while there are two bedroom and three bedroom homes available as well as luxury homes. Regardless of the budget, there is a Breckenridge real estate option that will meet your needs and be close enough to the activities that you want to participate in.

Several holidays and activities

Breckenridge real estate is also located in close proximity to many of the activities and events that are held throughout the year. The town celebrates several festivities and holidays such as Oktoberfest, a regular film festival, a Christmas and Easter festival, several sport events, snow sculpture championships and more. These events draw hundreds of thousands of people from around Colorado and the nation, and several of the events are unique. The benefit of owning Breckenridge real estate is that you can participate in any of these events at any time throughout the year, and when you are not in your home you can always put it on the rental market for short term rentals. There are plenty of times during the year where your home may be rented and you can recoup some of your Breckenridge real estate investment.